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More Like Radio:
It's not FM, It's not XM, It's GOOD!


More Like Radio

Yes, www.morelikeradio.com is finally here!!

The line up of shows is incredibly impressive, too! It has: Hooter and Greenway, The Cousin Joe Show, The Conte and Kenny Show, Brainstu Radio, Ham Radio, Big Kev's Geek Stuff, plus all the classics you've grown to love from the Hippojuice family.

New to the Internet that More Like Radio has in the lineup is Unsigned Hype, a podcast by Sir Darkseid (and a bit of help by Ryan) which discusses the up-and-coming artists.

For the full list of our shows, plus the schedule, visit morelikeradio.com/shows

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Twitter: twitter.com/morelikeradio
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